11:45-12:30 AM – CONFERENCE


Host: Jean-Louis Le Corvoisier.  Round tables.

Conference Space

 Amaury Mazon – Territorial delegate Centre Atlantique GRTgaz  l Antoine Corroleur – President of SDEF  l  Jean-Paul Cozien – VP of QUIMPER BRETAGNE OCCIDENTALE  Franck Lamiré – BREIZH (bio) GNV Network Nicolas Champot – Project Manager PCAET PONTIVY COMMUNAUTE.

After the deployment of electric charging stations mainly for individuals, the Brittany region continues its action in the field of new mobility by relying on its biogas potential to mesh the territory with NGV charging stations for professional fleets (mainly coach operators and carriers) to stimulate and support the development of NGV then bio NGV in Brittany.

02:00-02:45 PM – CONFERENCE


Host: Jean-Louis Le Corvoisier.  Round tables.

Conference Space

Françoise Restif – Project coordinator SMILE, BRETAGNE DÉVELOPPEMENT INNOVATION  l  Jean-Philippe Lamarcade – Managing Director, ENEDIS BRETAGNE  l  Antoine Corroleur – President of SDEF  l  Denis Paluel – Mayor of Ushant island and President of association des ILES DU PONANT  Christopher Franquet – President of ENTECH S-E.

This conference will take stock of the deployment of SmartGrids projects labeled SMILE. Focus on the MicroGrid project of St-Nicolas des Glénan. Presentation of the Connected objects project  for the communities of Finistère. Presentation of the ICE project on the island of Ushant. Finally, vision of an SME involved in SmartGrids, leader or project partner.

20 mns presentations followed by questions-answers

Sébastien Bourhis – C3S NUMERIQUES  l  Pascal Rolland- Jacob, GACYB FINISTERE l  Romain Masse, GACYB FINISTERE.

Space Workshop 1

Today threats and risks in cybersecurity are both:
• Multiform because they are cyber in nature, attacks by techniques of economic or legal intelligence, social engineering, physical threats, theft or damage to reputation …
• complex because the implementation of these aggressive techniques requires more and more elaborate know-how,
• Cumulative, as these techniques are often used in a coordinated and mutually reinforcing way.
C3S Numériques integrates solutions from the design stage to reduce these vulnerabilities (RGPD, process, organization, hardware and software equipment, corrective actions, training). C3S Numériques applies the recommendations of the ANSSI via GACYB Finistère.

Didier  Le Goïc – Sales manager, HAFFNER ENERGY

Space Workshop 2

HYNOCA® is a station to be implanted in urban, industrial or agricultural zone in order to produce Hydrogen for Industrial uses or for local mobility (fleet of vehicles: buses, trucks, forklifts, trains, boats, cars). It is fed from lignocellulosic biomass collected locally. The process is based on thermolysis followed by steam cracking and has a very high energy efficiency (greater than 70% on hydrogen).
The HYNOCA® station is fully part of a circular economy logic, since resources, exploitation, uses and uses are local.

Christophe Marugan-Environmental Economy Expertise Center – CREDIT AGRICOLE

Space Workshop 1

Reduce your energy bill, transform your internal processes or even your offers, to better integrate environmental issues and ensure the sustainability of your business model: as many new strategic choices for a company, perceived as complex but real levers of performance.
Crédit Agricole strengthens its commitment and supports you in these transition projects:
• Diagnosis and advice in proximity
• Financing offers
• Access to the expertise of the entire Crédit Agricole Group
Discover the solutions of a global accompaniment to support you on this trajectory.

Stéphane Paul, CEO-H2X Systems l  Christophe Bidaud, REDON Agglomeration Development DG  Jean-Luc Fleureau, DG-H2X Mobility.

Space Workshop 2

Creation of an ecosystem of hydrogen:
• Hydrogen production via renewable energy (wind and PV)
• mobility solution via a fleet of hybrid solar / hydrogen vehicles.

5 mns presentations – Host Jean-Louis Le Corvoisier.

Space Workshop 2

What is CALOPOR ?

David Marhadour

New system enabling to value a large part of waste of your buildings and to produce a very energy-efficient heating, heat recovery CALOPOR is used to heat the rooms of breeding having a device of centralized extraction of air.

ENTECH SE: Storage solutions coupled with algorithms and conversion systems

Laurent Meyer

Entech offers its know-how to help and support project leaders to meet the challenge of energy transition through storage solutions, coupled with precise control algorithms and optimized energy conversion systems.

EOLINK : Innovative concept of floating wind turbines.

 Marc Guyot

Eolink develops an innovative concept of floating wind turbines. It is an integrated product in the sense that the turbine and the float are designed together. The strength of the Eolink floating wind turbine is to rethink the architecture to remove the classic mast, so the pyramidal bearing structure gains in performance and competitiveness.

 Maximilien Le Menn – Head of RE, smargrids et Hydrogen, REGION BRETAGNE.

Space Workshop 2

The Region supported the first local studies and experiments on the use of hydrogen carried out by local authorities and industrial partners and identified a series of Breton industrial players positioned on the hydrogen value chain (production, storage, uses ).
It now wants to bring coherence and reinforce all these dynamics, by co-developing a structuring plan for the sector and the project leaders, prior to public infrastructure development programming.
To integrate the socio-economic stakes and to allow a sustainable and virtuous development of hydrogen the Region conducted, in partnership with its BDI agency and the Ademe, a strategic study to develop its renewable hydrogen potential to give visibilities on the economic feasibility of new short and medium term operational projects.

Amaury Mazon , GRT gaz ; GRDF ; Morbihan Energies ; Pontivy Communauté (tbc).

Space Workshop 1

Launched in September in Brittany, West Grid Synergy, the first European demonstrator of smart grids for gas, makes it possible to increase and optimize the production and consumption of renewable gas in the territory of Pontivy Communauté.
Resulting from anaerobic digestion, biomethane will cover nearly 50% of needs from 2025. Project partners, Pontivy Communauté, Morbihan Énergies, GRDF and GRTgaz innovate to develop the production and uses of biomethane, in particular Organic NGV mobility, while adapting the networks, in particular through the 1st reverse installation in France.

Hélène Vente, SDEF  Anaïs Turpault, POLE MER BRETAGNE ATLANTIQUE l  Gwendal Vonk, PhD-SDEF.

Space Workshop 2

SmartGrids: The Intelligent Community Energy (ICE) project aims to design and implement smartgrids solutions for isolated energy systems. The island of Ushant  is a demonstration site on the French side.
ICE label: ICE also aims to disseminate a commercial offer made by companies from the France-Manche-England area to remote areas by creating the ICE label. The conditions for obtaining this label will be presented to you as well as the interest of this approach for the companies present at the Breizh Transition show.
Pyrogasification: As part of ICE, the SDEF is studying the feasibility of recycling waste by pyrogasification. Ouessant Island is part of the ZNI and has its own electricity network, with production based on imported fuel oil. This energy recovery of waste would make it possible, on the one hand, to produce renewable electricity in a manageable way by reducing the use of fuel oil, and on the other hand to reduce transport and costs on waste treatment.